Brave New World Names Analysis

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The significance of names Diva Morino Dystopian fiction 345 Prof Pauline McAlonan April 30, 2015 In Nineteen Eighty-four names have a lot of significance. Oceania is an exaggeration of Germany when Adolf Hitler was the ruler. In Oceania they are many ministries with different names that do not match the things that happens in those buildings. The names of the different ministries are once again a way deceive the population of the things that are actually happening . The ministry of love by its name ,is suppose to convey a certain feeling of safety and warmth, but even from the exterior of the building it was quite deceiving. Winston in the novel describes the building as the most frightening one of the four…show more content…
In Brave New World there is a caste system which is an organization of classes in a society. At the top of the chain there is the Alphas who are supposed to be the most intelligent members of society. The alphas are able to occupy jobs that need more intelligence, such as a world controller like Mustapha Mond. Even if they are supposed to be the most intelligent in their society they are still not allowed to read things such as Shakespeare because they would not be able to understand it. The people in charge don not want them to be able to understand Shakespeare of the emotions transmitted in his novels and because Shakespeare novels are old so they goes against the belief of the Brave New World society that new is always better. Even though they are not capable of understanding things such as Shakespeare they still represent intelligence in their society. The Alphas do more marginal jobs,even thought they are tall and strong. They are the elite of the society because of their intelligence and good looks. After the Alphas comes the Batas, they are known for being intelligent, but not as much as the Alphas. The Betas occupy jobs such as nurses, the jobs of the Betas are to serve the people in Brave New World. The Betas do everything that they are told without questioning it. Then comes the Gammas they are considerably less intelligent than the Alphas and even the Betas. The Gammas are the order of the caste where many identical twins are produced in abundance because of the Bokanovsky Process. The Bokanovsky Process is necessary to create a large working class which is very important in Brave New World. The Gammas are mostly chauffeurs and butlers,they occupy jobs that are not demanding intellectually because they would do be able to do so. The people in charge in Brave New World do not want all the population to be
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