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Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Neither a wise nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him”. In other words, wisdom and bravery are not exemplified solely on one's presence; rather they are defined by the actions one takes to be a source for change and a path for the future. The United States Navy SEALs are the U.S. Navy’s leading special operations force and a mecca of our country's bravest and wisest. Trained to serve on sea, land, and air, SEALs are one of the most vital components to the U.S. military force. Their skills allow them to partake in a wide range of roles, varying from snipers to air support to underwater demolition. In 1999, Chris Kyle, “The American Sniper”, enlisted…show more content…
As a result, many veterans return home overtaken by clinical depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and many other detrimental mental disorders. Chris Kyle, one of the most courageous and enduring soldiers this country has seen, struggled with both depression and PTSD. Having experienced such strife and overcoming such set backs, Kyle became a guide for fellow veterans, helping them accustom to civilian life after war. On February 2nd, 2013, Chris Kyle, along with his friend Chad Littlefield, met with U.S marine Eddie Ray Routh who was unfortunately diagnosed with PTSD due to the atrocities he experienced during his military service in countless locations across the globe. Shortly after arriving at Rough Creek Lodge gun range in Erath County, Texas, tragedy struck. Rather than using the guns for their intended purpose at the range, Routh killed Chris Kyle, along with Chad Littlefield. Only at the age of 38, Chris Kyle died a hero to Americans and civilians around the world. He was a legend both on the battlefield and off, selflessly dedicating his life to rescuing brother and sister Americans, physically and emotionally. Although his light and kindhearted soul cannot grace the world any longer, his legacy and impact will always live in the heart of

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