Examples Of Ambition In Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”, Ambition is a major theme displayed in many characters. It is clearly visible as to how the ambition in many individuals drives them to become corrupt. Examples of this change in characters due to their aspirations can be seen throughout the play including in Macbeth who’s lust for power causes him to betray and kill many of his friends and family in order to take his place as King. Lady Macbeth is another character who due to her desires soon can’t handle her past actions and becomes insane leading up to her suicidal death. Malcolm after his father’s death is driven to avenge is father by destroying Macbeth however in the process he forgets his moral values and disregards feelings for others. The changes in these characters due to their ambition are some examples of how Shakespeare shows that ambition corrupts. Shakespeare evidently displays that ambitious…show more content…
After King Duncan’s murder, Malcolm is so ambitious to destroy Macbeth that he overlooks his moral values and disregards the feelings of other individuals in the play. Malcolm is so focused on only Macbeth that when Macduff’s is informed of the death of his family he begins to grieve, but Malcolm does not seem to show any concern and does not wish for the death of a family to interrupt his battle with Macbeth. Malcolm makes no attempt to comfort Macduff but only tells him to “dispute it like a man”, but when Macduff says he must feel it like a man Malcolm manipulates and twists Macduff’s grief to “Let this anger sharpen your sword. Transform your grief into anger” so that they all may be focused on the death of Macbeth. Although Malcolm’s corruption is very slight compared to those of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare has still made it evident as to how Malcolm’s ambition drives him to become corrupt in some

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