There Were Tears On Hazel's Eyes Cheeks Character Analysis

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This short story set in the future automatically creates a divide between two categories of readers, ones who believe in absolute equality and those who do not. This short story describes a world in which there is absolute equality in all aspects that make a person, intelligence, strength, beauty, etc. People who are advantaged with gifts are given a greater disadvantage by the government. In this way, the government plays the role of God in limiting and breaking people down to become not more than average, that in time has been given a negative connotation of being inferior. An example of a character that shows this idea would be Hazel, the woman who is married to the main character, George. Hazel is an example of the average person in this world, she does not have any handicaps because of her inferior, or average state.…show more content…
She represents the portion of people who are so unintelligent that they do not recognize the absurdity and atrocity of their own society, a society that they are a part of and take pride in. On numerous occasions, the reader sees how dull and inferiorly average Hazel is. Irony of this type of society is shown when the government does not appear to have any handicaps, unlike the rest of the people. This shows how the government does not have to obey its own rules; this can be applied to many modern day situations in which the government does not have to conform to the rules that they enforce on their

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