Character Analysis Of Mrs. Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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What I think will happen next in the Crucible is that Mrs. Proctor is going to find a way to get back at Abigail. Mrs. Proctor probably knows that John Proctor and Abigail had an affair and that is why she kicked Abigail out of their house. Abigail and Mrs. Proctor hate each other, so maybe Mrs. Proctor is going to try and convince people that Abigail is a witch so then people will try to get rid of her. She is a liar so she is going to say anything that people will believe, but Abigail will so the same thing back, so that will cause them to get into a fight. John will find out what is going on and threaten Mrs. Proctor that he will tell people that she is a witch to stop her from threatening Abigail. Everything that is going on with witchcraft is going to make everyone turn on eachother. People are going to…show more content…
Reverend Paris is going to spread rumors to make everyone think that people are witches so that no one thinks that he did anything wrong. I think that even though Tituba confessed that she is a witch, some people are still going to want to kill her. Even though she didn't actually did anything, some people aren't going to trust her, so they are going to either blame things on her or just try to kill her. Abigail is just going to put blame on anyone that she can so no one thinks that she did anything. Thomas Putnam is just going to listen to what everyone has to say and not really have any solid opinions about what is going on. Ann Putman is going to do anything she can to make sure everyone believes in witchcraft because she thinks that is the reason she has lost all but one of her babies. I think that because Ann and Thomas have different view on witchcraft, that is going to cause problems between them. Rebecca Nurse is going to be really calm about everything because she doesn't believe in witchcraft and she is very religious. Giles Corey doesn't believe in witchcraft, but he thinks that his wife might be a

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