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Dance is an outlet of expression. It is where creativity can run wild without restriction. It is where fun resides. Up one! Down two! Extend both arms. Reach in and touch your toes. Spread your legs apart. Lean to the right. Lean to the left. These are some of the Warm-Ups my dance instructor would tell the class to execute. Dance is a way to communicate and exercise. Desmond Richardson is a talented dancer, gifted choreographer, and artistic director. He masters a wide variety of dance genres from Hip Hop to Street Dance to Classical and finally Modern and Contemporary Ballet. Desmond Richardson is a professional dancer who puts all his heart, mind, and soul into every dance performance. Richardson was born on December 15, 1968 in South Carolina.…show more content…
Both symmetrical and asymmetrical shape are present in this dance performance. An example of a symmetrical shape is the movement of his arms inward and outward from his body. An example of asymmetrical shape is the movement of standing on one leg rotating the other leg horizontally backward. Playing in the background, the classical music is slow paced. It evokes a sense of mystery and eerie presence. The rhythm of the dance movements are performed with their own time that compliments the music. Also, the rhythm accents the underlying message of the dance Lament which is the tragedy of love lost. The movement intention is serious and intense. Richardson purpose is to enhance the emotional understanding of the audience through his dance movements. Louis Johnson is one of the few African American dancers that broke barriers for colored people in Broadway. He created and produced Lament for the New York Ballet Club in 1953. The style of the dance was a mixture of ballet, social and modern dancing, and acrobatics. In 1985, the dance Lament was reproduced at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Alfred Lord Tennyson said it best “Tis is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.” This work seek to communicate the theme of Winning and Losing Love. I believe this dance piece is art for art’s sake because it is a creative way of expressing one’s culture, feeling, and

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