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Sex was the underlying theme in “Gossip Girl”. Either the sex was real or just rumors started by the infamous blogger Gossip Girl. Having sex was very nerve racking to Blair, who was still a virgin. She wasn’t sure if she was ready, but she knew Nate was the guy for her. Blair thought that when a person has sex, then they should be in love. Being influences by old school romance movies, she imagined being married to Nate and them making sweet love once they were married. She wanted to be with Nate and the night was just about to happen until it was ruined. “Nate dropped Blair’s hand and straighten up like a solider called to attention. Blair sat down hard on the end of her bed, put her drink on the floor, and grasped the bedspread in tight,…show more content…
Blair and Serena were best friends, but things changed as the two got older. Once Serena left, Blair was the head girl in charge, so since Serena is back she feels that her status will be threaten. Even though Serena has not done anything to lead her to this conclusion, Blair had to keep her around, but not so close. “Well, you missed a lot... Last year was really different” “Nate and I have become really close, you know. We tell each other everything” (Von Ziegesar, 35). Blair felt the need to let Serena know in a subtle way that she did not need her anymore as a best friend. At school they were cordial just to save face in public. Unfortunately behind Serena’s back Blair is one of the ones keeping the rumor mill going about her. Emily Nussbaum explains it in her article, “Psst, Serena is a slut. Pass it on.”, “Von Ziegesar was an unusually astute observer among her glittering set, mapping out the invisible hierarchies and jealous undertows within her female friendships” (Nussbaum,…show more content…
Most of the teens in the book are drinking regularly and are extremely wealthy. Since their parents have so much money, they are in most ways powerful. Laws do not apply to the rich, especially white rich people. The book shows that even though they are underage, they can still drink and be out in clubs drinking without any questions. Also, how in this society wealth is associated with white people. In most white teen fiction there is always a sense of power because they normally have money. Another stereotype is how all the rich parents are not around to be actual parents, but are more like roommates. IN society today this is a common theme amongst white upper class

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