Is There True Love In The Great Gatsby

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Love is a beautiful thing and so many people use this word in vain. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald there are many great themes that I could’ve chosen to write about but I felt like there was none better than to talk about the power of love that Gatsby had for Daisy. The love he had for her was truly unconditional. True/unconditional love is when one is willing to die for another, much like what God did for us. Growing up in church, I believe that is the true meaning of love and for this reason we will show you how common this theme turns out to be in The Great Gatsby. In this story Jay Gatsby hadn’t always been a wealthy man. He started out struggling at first due to his family poor background, he would often roam the streets…show more content…
You kind of have to feel for the poor guy. If this isn't what you call true love then I’m not sure there is a such thing as love. At one point in the novel Daisy and Gatsby were having a conversation about love and marriage and Daisy said that a rich girl like herself could never marry a poor man like Gatsby. Gatsby was obviously hurt by her saying that much just like anyone would be, but it didn't hamper him at all. In fact, this gave him all the motivation he needed to be wealthy and successful. Daisy’s husband, Tom Buchanan felt threatened by the relationship that Gatsby and Daisy had and he hired a detective to find information on Gatsby's, "He and this Wolfshiem bought up a lot of side-street drug stores here in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter." (Fitzgerald 118). This quote shows that Gatsby earned all his wealth illegally. While of course, this is very unethical, Gatsby knew that in order to get Daisy back he had to get rich. Gatsby chose the most efficient way possible to reach the ultimate goal which was to get rich for Daisy. The fact that Gatsby went through all that just to get Daisy back is astonishing to me, that one would still be that in love with someone who they haven’t been with for almost a
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