Summary Of Jeffrey Lang's 'Even Angels Ask'

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Reading the book entitled “Even Angels Ask” by Jeffrey Lang put me into tears, the way he describe his own stories, his journey to Islam was such amazing and wonderful. Dr. Jeffrey Lang is a good writer and bravely bares show his opinions for the benefit of American Muslims. His journey through various spiritual stages is inspiring especially the difficulties he faced as a convert to Islam. He tackles many of the challenges, obstacles, controversies that face Islam in America on how to separate Islam from culture, tradition, and politics. He is not afraid to expose what he believes to be the shortcomings of the Muslim ummah. But he turns the same sharply critical eye on his past and admits to his own mistakes. His criticism though, is meant to show where American Muslims need to progress and grow. He struggles a hard life during childhood in which his mother was abused by his father who are alcoholic make him think how to escape from his father. He questioned almost everyday what is the purpose of life? Why my life is so hard? And for what human are being created or yet to be punished with the…show more content…
He Asking himself frequently what do I do now? The traditions of the Prophet report many new Muslims asking Muhammad what deeds Islam requires of them and I was attracted that Muhammad mentioned and stated about five pillars of Islam which encompasses the purpose of life, the purpose of being Muslims and Khalifah. Prophet said Islam begin with five pillars, the shahadah, salah, sawm, zakah and hajj was the pillars of Islam. Five pillars of Islam touch many areas of believers’ which focus on aspect of life from ethics until time management. As Muslim, we have the right way, meaning our life has focus. We need to salah, fasting. The most important is, we know what we want to do next because we have Allah that all worship is towards him, The Most

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