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There are many qualifications, requirements, and necessary steps that are needed to become a pharmacy technician. Each state has its own rules and regulations, but living in the state of Texas I have to follow their specific guidelines in order to proceed on as a successful pharmacy technician. Education is a primary key in life in order to be successful in whichever career you choose. Pharmacy technician is a wonderful career to pursue in the medical field, but there are educational requirements needed in order to have this career. The state of Texas "in order to work as a Pharmacy Technician you have to obtain on the job training at a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician or a pharmacy trainee. Currently it is not a requirement for a pharmacy technician to attend a formal education program, and be…show more content…
I decided to pursue an education for pharmacy technician while knowing that for my state it was not necessary. I feel as though getting an education and learning the laws, medical terminology, the basics of the field will help me to grow and give me the extra edge needed to get the job that i strive for versus someone who decided to not pursue a degree. During high school it was a requirement for the senior class to take a career class, basically the class taught you how to write essays, what job best fit you, which colleges to go to so you can pursue your degree, etc... There was one example that my former teacher gave the class that has always stuck with me throughout my life. ie... If there are two individuals going to the same interview for

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