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Workplace Diversity For my research project I chose to write about workplace diversity. Workplace diversity is a workplace that is made up of employees that has a variety of different characteristics and experiences. A workplace is diverse when you see different ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations and abilities. Here is why diversity is important in the workplace. On Smallbusiness website, they talk about a variety of things as to why it is important to have diversity in the workplace. Some of the reasons they say this is because it gains mutual respect, conflict resolution, business reputation, job promotion and increased exposure. Businesses gains mutual respect when they have diverse employees because it helps…show more content…
It says “women perceive that individual work styles should be collaborative, where everyone works as part of a whole. Men, on the other hand, perceive that work should be completed independently without the assistance of others. Women also tend to be more supportive managers, whereas men are more direct.” This in itself shows the difference between women and men in a workplace. Women and men react different emotionally towards different things. This is why some jobs choose one gender over the other. In the end this can all be fixed with the proper training. If jobs give training that has them doing exactly what the job asks to do then a woman or a man would be good for that job. Companies that hire more men than women are companies such as landscaping, construction and…show more content…
S. Government Accountability Office reports that companies overtly favor young workers rather than seniors in part because young workers often have less on-the-job experience and, as a result, earn less than older workers” (careertrend) This itself shows an issue in the workplace. Employers pay less to younger employees due to their lack of experience. This is why a lot of employees prefer young rather than older. This is a major issue in the workplace all around the world. I say this because all ages should be treated equally. Employees should get paid based on their training they have. Younger people cannot help that they are younger. This is something that is out of their control. Though they are younger, they still have things to pay as well to get by in life. This can also be fixed with job training as well so that the younger employees have a chance to be able to make what the older ones make as

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