Gender Diversity In Leadership

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Despite the activities movement set up across the group to fight for feminism within our societies and the workplace yet still gender gaps remains an issue though these has been advancements in female in education, labor force participation, and leadership roles such as political heads. For instance out of 178 heads of state in the 12 out of these political roles is held by female compared to the previous masculine leadership traits. A lot has been done yet there is an issue of cultural and gender barrier that in a way forms and obstacles to diversity in leadership. Leadership is perhaps one of the most valued aspects of management in the society due to the immerse effect of leadership on the organization or the workplace (Weihrich, et al,…show more content…
Diversity leadership basically deals with the way in which people and groups relate with each other. An effective diversity leader has the ability to manage the difference within the companies workforce while capitalizing on the benefits derive from the inclusion of people of different background as and efficient approach to means to minimize the challenge that comes with it. This paper will project the issues of diversity in leadership particularly gender issues While analyzing why women are regarded second to men in leadership and initiatives that has been taken to curb the…show more content…
Although much have been done there still an issue of gender gap within the society. Before much analysis to be done there is a need to clear there air with the definition of gender as sometime misrepresented for sex. According to Bem(1974); Spence, Helmrich & Staples, 1975) they viewed gender as a psychological ramifications of biological sex. While most works by other theorist also connote the term sociographic gender to refer to the difference between man and women. In all these definitions higher gender as having intrapsychic character that is gender schemas and stereotypes; gender-role identity; and gender-role traits, attitudes, and values. For instance in some part of Africa., gender determines access to power, financial support and other resources, it is much more detailed to have a good identity and choesion for men than

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