The Four Principles Of Sustaining Technology

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Sustaining technologies As the name suggests, sustaining technologies refers to the technologies executed by companies in order to sustain their business and their existence in the market. In most cases, sustaining technologies comprised of technologies that improve products or services of the companies either through incremental or radical innovation. These innovations are usually based on improvements necessary for companies to fulfil their main customers’ wants and expectations. Established companies and market leaders are usually very good in executing sustaining technologies. The established companies usually stay atop of their industries and become market leaders as a result of good management practices that preach on product and service…show more content…
This is because with the acceptance from the customers; profits are made and resources are increased for the companies to allocate higher investments to improve the products. Principles of disruptive technologies As products of disruptive technologies gain acceptance in the course of time, established successful companies will start to realise the prospects of disruptive technologies. However, often this realisation may come too late for them to catch up and compete. The reasons behind successful companies failing to acknowledge disruptive technologies at the early stage of its occurrences can be explained by the four (4) principles of disruptive technologies that have been outlined by Professor Clayton M. Christensen. The four (4) principles are: i) Dependence on customers and investors To remain relevant and stay competitive in the market, companies are very much reliant to customers’ feedback to identify the improvements needed and also reliant to investors for resources to do business. Therefore, it is difficult for companies to venture and invest in disruptive technologies since customers do not want them while investors are usually more convince to invest in options that have greater…show more content…
This organisation should be organisation that have customers who appreciate the attributes of disruptive technologies, which offers products that typically are convenient, reliable, simpler and cheaper. With customers demand, organisations will be able to obtain resources from convinced investors. To be more productive instead of reactive, companies should not wait until disruptive technologies emerged and instead need to search for disruptive technologies beforehand. Companies need to step out of the mainstream market and go discover what other set of customers look for in a product or services. By applying this, companies will be able to move ahead from the rest of the companies in the same industry and enjoy the first mover advantages. All of these countermeasures are however can only be effective if established companies are willing to change their processes and values which have rooted in them. Companies must be willing to acknowledge that disruptive technologies will involves a lot of learning and failures. The knowledge obtained from the failures however, will be beneficial discoveries for companies to take advantage of and move forward with the emerging disruptive

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