Advantages Of Investment Planning

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SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLANNING Hey guys, We all have some or the other dreams say it buying a Lamborghini or owning a huge bungalow along the beach side or say it being a pilot or any other dream which comes true only if we work hard and many of us have a dream of having loads and loads of money and achieving this dream isn’t a tough job if we are aware of systematic investment planning. By the term you all must have got an idea that it is something related to investment so let me explain you more In depth about what exactly systematic investment planning is In simple terms investment in mutual funds is generally done in lump sum whereas investment using systematic investment planning is done in bits and pieces. It helps us fulfill our dream of becoming richer and building money. Through SIP we can just invest a fixed amount of money either monthly or quarterly over a period of time, thereby finding the average of the cost involved while investing money and the benefit we receive through power of compounding. Power of compounding helps our money to grow more and more over years. Also people like us get confused that it’s the market timing that helps us…show more content…
So basically in short why prefer SIP?? All of us prefer to do things in an easy way then why not investing in an easy way. On these lines let me tell you SIP is a very disciplined and an easy approach. It reduces risk as it based on rupee cost averaging as other investments it doesn’t get affected with the timing of the market. Now if you’re someone who is looking into long term financial goals with investment then trust me other than SIP there is no better way to achieve it. It is damn flexible as money is invested daily, weekly, monthly or say anything as per your convenience. Now say what more do you want?? Isn’t it good to prefer
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