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Effect of Diverse Work Environment on Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment amongst Indian Employees Abstract Diversity in workplace is one of the foundations which determine an organization’s success, as companies need to optimally utilize the skills and talent of a wide variety of employees. It is a common belief that companies recruiting a diverse workforce understand the demographic behaviors of the customers they serve much better than companies that hire only a limited group of employee demographics, thus making them better able to prosper in the market place. Also, such a company is better able to address employee satisfaction and retention issues. This understanding makes the organizations keep striving to improve their…show more content…
The focus of companies now lies on the promotion of having distinct individuals within an organization, recognizing that each individual can convey something other than what's expected. ADVANTAGES OF ORGANIZATIONAL DIVERSITY Increased productivity A lot of studies have shown that people are happier in a diverse work environment despite some inherent problems within diverse groups. The overall productivity increases as with the right environment for diverse groups people complement each other because they have diverse skills and bring different tools to the table. Such teams tend to be more creative than teams comprising of people of similar backgrounds. In fact non-diverse teams have a higher rate of conflict. (Le, 2008). Different perspective and opinions Because a diverse group has people who think and behave differently they are more likely to have better solutions to problems. An unhealthy work atmosphere is caused by too many conflicts. With a diverse work group since problem solving capabilities are better and consequent turnover is better, overall job satisfaction increases. Diverse…show more content…
We have 29 states which speak over 122 languages and almost all major religions of the world. We are one of the most tolerant nations in terms of diversity and in organizations we have to keep the same in mind. We need to use this diversity to our advantage by promoting a good work environment. It is very easy in a country like India to recruit a diverse workforce. This can be a big strength to reckon with provided we encourage inclusion and respect individuals and their views. Our study wants to show that all major successful organizations especially in the field of IT believe the same and have ultimately led to great job satisfaction for employees and sustainable success for

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