Causes Of Arms Race

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Forum: General Assembly 1 Issue: Preventing the arms race in the South American Continent Student Officer: Vatsav Soni Position: Co-Chair of General Assembly 1 Introduction An Arms Race is a strife between nations that focuses mainly on the development and hoarding of weapons. An Arms Race generally occurs when a nation increases its military interests whilst adversely affecting their neighbors leading to their agitation and resentment. Consequently neighboring nations begin to feel threatened and are put under pressure to improve their military. This constant competition leads to insecurity between nations and the ultimately the inflation of the arms race. This constant escalation of an arms race can lead to a horrendous war a notorious…show more content…
Over the past several years the continent has hosted quite a few arms races. The most significant being the South American Dreadnaught race. The Dreadnaught race was an arms race between South Americas most power full courtiers of the time Brazil, Argentina and Chile. This arms race was brought about when the Brazilian government decided to purchase 3 Dreadnaught’s the most herculean ships of the time from the British. This caused insecurity among Brazil’s neighbors Argentina and Chile. The governments of the 2 countries decided to end the pact that brought their 15 year arms race to an end and each purchased 2 Dreadnaught’s this arms race. This race escalated for the next 15 years and finally ended towards the close of the First World War. The arms race cause popular public unrest in all the three countries leading to riots and public…show more content…
The weapons accumulated can be nuclear warheads, battle ships, tanks so on and so forth. Dreadnaught A formidable battle ship of the 20th century that was larger and faster than its predecessors. Dreadnaughts were heavily armed with large caliber cannons. Dreadnaughts have been the cause of several arms races such as the South American dreadnaught race and the British-German dreadnaught race that eventually caused the First World War. Ayacucho Declaration The Ayacucho Declaration is a treaty signed by the eight emerging Latin American states Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. The deceleration states that the eight nations shall devise conditions that would ensure limitations on armaments so as to put an end to acquisition of arms for offensive military purposes and to begin economic development. Arms Trade Treaty The Arms Trade Treaty is an international treaty that entered into force recently and has been signed and ratified by 67 states and further signed by another 63 states. The Function of the Arms Trade Treaty is the regulation of the international trade in conventional weapons. Stockholm International Peace Research

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