Jesse Jackson: A Civil Rights Activist

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A Civil Rights Activist by the name of Jesse Jackson puts in his work and efforts for a better society. As an activist, he gains recognition and accomplishes different things along the way. Jesse Jackson took the time to help make a difference to live a better life. Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville, South Carolina in the year of 1941. At the time, Greenville was a segregated city and it was experienced by Jesse “and his mother had to sit in the back of the bus, while his black elementary school lacked the amenities the town's white elementary school had” (Jesse Jackson). The segregation didn’t stop there, it was during his “freshman year, however, a white coach told him that blacks were not allowed to play quarterback for the University…show more content…
The Wall Street Project “…lobbied companies to provide more business and employment opportunities for minorities. It also promoted awareness among African American investors to utilize the influence the possess as corporate shareholders” (Jesse Jackson). This can show that Jesse Jackson cares about diversity and that he wants to see a change happen. Jesse “Jackson struck out on his own. He changed the name of Operation Breadbasket to Operation PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity). Standing in front of a big picture of Dr. King, Jackson promised to start a ‘rainbow coalition of blacks and whites gathered together to push for a greater share of economic and political power for all poor people in America.’ In the 1970s, he relentlessly spoke out against racism, militarism, and class divisions in America. He became a household name among African Americans--and eventually all Americans--with his slogan, ‘I Am Somebody’ (Jesse Jackson). In the year of 1996, “Operation PUSH, which in 1996 merged with the National Rainbow Coalition to form the Rainbow PUSH Action Network” (Jesse Jackson). Today this day, the Rainbow/PUSH still stands with locations across the United States and its headquarters in Chicago,…show more content…
The recognition that he has received can show others that change can happen especially if the work is put in to make it happen. Jesse “...Jackson was the first African American to wage a full-scale campaign to head a major-party ticket” (Jesse Jackson). When the significance of Jesse Jackson and/or his work and also him gaining his recognition, historical significance is important because it shows the importance of

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