Working With Children: Personal Statement

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Working with children gives me great pleasure as well as patience and compassion. I found myself extremely dedicated when I started teaching at Ecole Coreene du Quebec. I had to prepare creative lesson plans according to the curriculum, maintain class discipline, and conduct parent-teacher conferences with three assistant teachers in my 4-year-old class. It was my duty to completely address all concerns that were brought to my attention and help parents to feel more comfortable with their children’s preschool experience. At the end of each semester, I would evaluate and grade papers and performs other administrative duties as needed. My experience with young children helped me learn how to connect to children and how to facilitate their cognitive…show more content…
Their creativity and innocence inspired my wholehearted passion for becoming an aspiring teacher. I was enlightened by their imaginations and life experiences. I believe that teachers are our nation builders; the potency of every profession in our country develops from the knowledge and skills that teachers help to install in our children. Teachers first introduce “learning” to children, they inspire students to work harder to achieve particular goals, and give advices and guidance for students assessing significant life decisions. A great educators focus not only on the academic guidance of students but also their social growth. It was my great pleasure encountering every child’s different learning styles and personalities. By observing all children, I was able to create a classroom atmosphere that is encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students. I feel that I am someone important and gifted whenever I find myself significant for someone’s life; I experience this when I work with children. I find that connecting with my students establishes trust, which is important to the students’ learning because it makes them comfortable enough to participate, ask for help when needed and pay closer attention to advice and encouragement. A great teacher can leave an ineradicable attribute that lasts a lifetime. As well as students, teachers learn something about themselves every day through teaching. By observing
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