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“Reading and math, like everything else, improve with practice. And, of course, if there are no young readers, there will shortly be no older ones” says Margaret Atwood a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, and essayist. Reading, writing, and math skills are a basic for every human being in the world; whether for simple everyday stuff or for complex stuff being able to master those basic skills is a must. The America Reads/America Counts program at Iowa State helps children to be proficient in reading and math skills and works with the child one on one or in a miniature groups to master those skills. America Reads/America Counts exists as a team of bigger than a hundred and fifty Iowa State students committed to improving children's reading…show more content…
This is accomplished by providing local schools with trained college student reading and math partners, and enlisting the support of local teachers, administrators, parents, Iowa State faculty and staff, community volunteers and other organizations. Amanda Currey the program director says, “The America Reads/America Counts (AR/AC) program at ISU aids in fulfilling its mission by employing Iowa State work-study eligible students who are committed to improving children's reading and math knowledge and promote college student mentoring and service to the community” (Currey). This matches up with Iowa State’s mission statement: create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world an enhanced place for the reason that both mission statements focus on the same ideals and all three main concepts are acted out in the program America Reads/America…show more content…
America Reads/America Counts program director says this when it comes to the land grant and how the program relates, “America Reads/America Counts falls under the land grant in the ways that tutoring positions are open to all, there are requirements but certainly encourage all students to join. When the students who are involved head to the schools they are working one on one with students on basic reading, writing, and math skills. As I mentioned earlier our program partners with numerous schools and agencies in central Iowa” (Currey). The website states, “AR/AC initiative also encompasses family literacy. The program encourages colleges and universities involved in the Federal Work-Study Program to place undergraduate students in local schools as tutors working one-on-one with young children” ("America Reads/America Counts (AR/AC)"). In support of these initiatives, Iowa State University provides the administrative support for the America Reads/America Counts program. As mentioned earlier, Iowa State University places countless of students in over 30 schools and agencies in Ames, and central Iowa each year. These students spend greater than 22,100 hours tutoring local children in reading and math skills annually. The students represent each of Iowa State University's colleges and

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