The Importance Of School Success

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Success does not come because of good luck, but rather is as a result of proper preparation and planning. For an individual or an organization such as a school to succeed, proper planning must be done. Part of the proper planning process involves creating the mission and vision of what needs to be achieved. Working toward ensuring that the objectives of the mission and objective are achieved will surely result in good results. For an individual, high discipline level is required, while at the organizational level, proper management and leadership structures are needed. Leadership skills are required from the time the mission and vision statements are formulated. This paper seeks to highlight relevant scenario involving a school principal. In…show more content…
The school principal has to adapt new leadership mechanisms, even if it means deviating from the normal established structures. Developing the school’s mission and vision statement is a good step toward success (Owens & Valesky, 2011). The process is, therefore, important, and it requires the participation of everybody; it cannot be a solo mission. Therefore, one of the steps that the school principal has to take to ensure a positive environment is to involve all the staff and teachers. The participation of teachers is of great importance simply because they play a greater part in implementing the stated vision and mission. Teacher participation is also guaranteed to bring new ideas on board since the professionals view the school from a different perspective compared to the school principal. The participative kind of leadership has proven to be effective compared to the ancient type which believed that good ideas originate from the top (Jimerson,…show more content…
An organized school climate can only be realized by adopting the target statements. One of the good qualities the school principal should have is the power of interaction. Through interaction, one is able to influence those below him through social functions (Owens & Valesky, 2011). As a sign of good will and to show teachers that the school principal is considerate, he/she should give them a chance to present their proposals of the subject matter. It is one of the effective ways to invite the participation of teachers. As much as these methods encourage teachers to innovate new achievable vision and mission statements, on the larger side, it creates a positive environment (DuFour, Eaker, & Many,

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