Personal Statement: A Career In Physical Therapy

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I strongly believe the statement by Abraham Lincoln, “Humans are meant to live more life in their years than years in their life.” As a physical therapist, I plan to aid individuals in recovery and assist them in resuming their normal activities. It is vital that individuals live a full and productive life, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy each day. I will be working with patients that suffer from injuries, birth defects, and diseases that affect physical mobility. I will provide them with tender care, time, and instructions to reach their full potential. During my years as a competitive gymnast, I was first introduced to the rehabilitation profession. I spent many days in therapy, as well as with an athletic trainer. Due to my own injuries and my time spent in treatment, I developed an interest for physical therapy and the human body. The individuals who were a part of my…show more content…
For the last five years, I have been working with children in gymnastics as a coach. I have also been assisting nursing home residents as a STNA for the last two years. Both roles have allowed me to develop skills that are essential as a therapist. Each day involves motivating and encouraging children and residents. In addition, with my double major in strength and conditioning, I have obtained hundreds of volunteer hours in personal training. The one common goal with all of these positions is that I have been a part of healing individuals and changing lives. As a personal trainer volunteer, I instruct individuals on correct lifting and successful workouts. As a coach, I educate gymnasts on proper skills and techniques. And as a STNA, I strive to assist with daily living activities and spend time with the residents. Therapy is more than healing injuries and improving physical movement it is also communicating, educating and caring for

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