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Personal Statement I believe I am an ideal candidate to embark on a Counselling degree or working with individuals with disabilities as I am eager to pursuer a career which I am able to help and care for others as becoming a counsellor or working in the care sector such as working with children with disabilities will help me fulfil my ambition. I would consider myself to be a dedicated and reliable person who develops close relationships quickly. I am a responsible and mature individual with the motivation to work hard to ensure I achieve my dream. I am aware these courses are a highly demanding career that brings new challenges every day, but with it comes many rewards and a real sense of satisfaction. I am confident of embracing this challenge…show more content…
I organized my own work experience and plan to go back over the summer to gain more experience. This provided me with an opportunity to work with a range of people that I would work with if I became a disability nurse in the future. I really enjoyed it and it’s something I feel that I will grow to love and will work hard in. In addition to my work experience, I also volunteer at my primary school every Friday. This experience has provided me with the opportunity to gain various skills in working with a range of individuals with different abilities and backgrounds such as staff and children. This has been incredibly beneficial for my confidence, planning and organizational skills. Likewise, I also volunteer at a trauma center with young children as this enables me to get involved in many cross community activities and learn about other cultures and religions. Volunteering in the trauma center gives me the opportunity to help people and talk to individuals with problems they may face at home or school and need someone to talk to. I enjoy working in the trauma center as I love getting involved in different activities such as going on residentials that involves working in teams and exploring new things that will benefit me

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