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Apollo 13 “There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen” (Lovell). This quote by Jim Lovell is teaching people that you will never accomplish anything if you just sit and watch other people make accomplishments. Before Apollo 13 went into space, scientists had a few problems with assembling the craft, but nothing was considered wrong or messed up. When Apollo was in space, the crew was put in a life or death situation. The oxygen needs to be mixed in order for them to breath fresh air, but when John Swigert pushed the button to stir the oxygen the whole tank exploded leaving them with little…show more content…
The control center needed to find a way to get the crew back home, so that's what they did, the control center planned a get Apollo 13 Home Mission. Even before Apollo 13 had the oxygen problem they were having problems with wires. So the crew had to do major training for space. The leader of the control center, Geraldine Leibot, thought the crew was ready but they forgot something (Lovell). When Leibot was training the crew, they never practiced for an oxygen malfunction, because NASA thought that if a tank exploded they would be dead in a couple hours. It's like a driver's test you don't practice going off a cliff because you would probably die anyways (Lovell). NASA has now improved on their safety by putting more than one oxygen tank, supplying the astronauts with more food and water and preparing them better. Since we now have better technology NASA is able to watch every movement the astronauts make in the spacecraft, which is a good thing so they can go back and see what they did wrong so they don't make the same mistakes. The problems for Apollo 13 caused NASA to take precautions with their astronauts and spacecraft. Apollo 13 explored many problems that weren't all fixable but at least the major problem the crew had was

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