Aileen's Social Bonding Theory

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Social Bonding theory indicates the Wuornos life experiences may have caused her to become a serial killer. Aileen falls under this social bonding theory and so do many other people in our society. Individuals break the law due to a breakdown of their societal bond. Aileen never had a stable loving home growing up. Aileen’s mother and father gave her up to live with her grandparents, who were sexually abusive and alcoholics. This lead Aileen to start drinking at such a young age trading sexual favors for booze, cigarettes, and food at such a young age. This means Aileen lacked socially acceptable attachment in her life. She was emotionally scarred from her grandmother’s alcohol abuse and her grandfather and brother raping her. Aileen as young…show more content…
Aileen lacked socially acceptable involvement as a child being molested and trading sexual favors for goods. She did not participate in sports or study for school. Aileen smoked cigarettes and started drinking alcohol at a very young age. This would be considered socially unacceptable social behavior which is a path that lead her into a life of crime. Aileen even became pregnant at the very young age of fourteen due to promiscuity which is not socially acceptable involvement. Being involved in the socially acceptable activities develops a sense of involvement in the community. Individuals who are involved and in touch with their community are less likely to commit criminal acts. Commitment is having a family or career in the social bonding theory which Aileen lacked. Aileen’s only source of income was prostituting for money. Aileen also lacked family in her life, her brother and her grandfather were abusive. She did not have her biological parents either, her father hung himself in prison. She had no sense of a commitment in her life which lead her down the path of criminal activity. Aileen did not have any belief in social norms or the good of her

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