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In Dr. Charles Dorn’s article “What Is College Good For? (Hint: More than Just a Job)” posted on The Chronicle for Higher Education he tackles the question on why college is important for more than just being hired for a job. Dr. Dorn is a Professor of Education along with being the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Bowdoin University. This article is one of many articles, essays, or books that Dr. Dorn has written relating to his main field of study: is college and higher education beneficial to the common good (“Charles”)? Dorn opens the article by referencing his parents’ successful lives without the help of higher education. While they did not attend university themselves, they urged him to go as they saw the benefits of college when it came to an occupation.…show more content…
Once he dropped out though, his parents had a simple question for him: what are you going to do for work? He eventually went back to university and became a high school teacher, which led to him researching and writing books over his field of study. Through his studies, Dorn has discovered that universities are not only helping students in the field they are going into, but they also promote the students to work toward helping the common good. As Dorn closes out on this conversation, he mentions his son’s intentions for higher education to his mother, his mother responded by wishing she had the same. To reach the idea that college is used to promote the common good, Dr. Dorn uses rhetorical appeals such as pathos and ethos along with imagery to persuade his audience, which consists of parents who are looking for more information when it comes to higher education for their

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