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In Art Spiegelman’s comic book, Maus, depict the trauma as well as the survival that look back on the events that happened in the Holocaust. Having Spiegelman’s father, Vladek Spiegelman, in the comic book helped the reader be more attached to the story, along with having a more light hearted effect because the images were depicted as cartoons. One of the reasons that Art Spiegelman told the story in this such way was because of his father saying, “It would take many books, many life, and no one wants to hear such… Better you should spend your time to make drawings what will bring you some money” (Spiegelman 14), rather than he telling the story as a regular book, he went a different route and chose a more unique way in explaining how his father and mother survived in the Auschwitz Extermination camp, as well as…show more content…
This essay intends to explore on why Art Spiegelman made the choice to tell the story of his father’s survival at Auschwitz using cartoon animals, and what it says about his later life as well. What Art Spiegelman is able to do that not many writes are, is show the tragedy of the Holocaust and be able to depict it and transform it into a cartoon so that readers can feel at peace when looking at the pictures. The interesting fact is that usually cartoons are used to show a unrealistic world that someone could make up, but in Maus this is not the case. Art Spiegelman draws the same caricature of different animals to represent the different races and nationalities depicted in the book. In this book the Jewish were depicted as the mice, this could mean that they perceived the Jewish as the pests of the

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