How To Disarray Medical Practice

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1. Medical practice was in disarray early on it was informal, unregulated and had no existing standards for care. The medical procedures were primitive in areas such as bloodletting, and there was little science to back things up, An institutional core was missing there were very few hospitals before 1800 and demand was unstable. There were also very few physicians were rural; most were in big cities and opportunity cost to get to physicians was high some persons have to travel far which cause them to miss work. Medical education was standard it was typical to have an apprenticeship rather than a formal education. 2. Medicine has a domestic character because Americans neglected research in basic sciences in favor of applied science. Additional emphasis of medical treatment was on natural history and conservative common sense. Urbanization increased the reliance on specialized skills. People were further from families they had to move from rural to urban settings women began working outside the home. Opportunity costs to consult with doctors decreased. Travel was faster and phones could be used. 3.…show more content…
Medical practice was in disarray the market proved who would be successful and there was no rigorous course of study. The medical procedures were primitive there were no anesthesia; bleeding, use of emetics, purging with enemas. An institutional core was unstable. There were no hospitals lack of sanitation and ventilation in preexisting social welfare institutions. The demand was unstable due to this most of the competent physicians in urban centers; cost of transportation is expensive. Medical Education was unorganized for medical schools by 1797, 1 year is equal to 3 or 4 months, fear that higher standards would drive enrollments down, no need for a High School

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