Women Empowerment In India

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1.1 INTRODUCTION Indian Woman is playing a pivotal role in the expansion and growth of the economy. Over the past few years, the status of women in India is subject to many great changes. Women’s average contribution is estimated at 55% to 66% of the total labour1. A developed nation is one which has an equitable distribution of income and employment opportunities among its citizens irrespective of gender, caste, race, and creed so on. But unfortunately the whole world maneuvers as a sanctuary for all discriminations. Moreover even among civilized and developed society gender wise discrimination prevails. A family is the first nest of a society. In a family a woman plays a vital role starting from a life partner to a bread winner. Swami Vivekananda…show more content…
The groups which are shaped for their self occupation motive are known as “Self Help Groups (SHGs)”. SHG is a volunteered association 1. Anisha satsangi (2017) “An Analysis of women Empowerment with reference to Agriculture Industry in India: A case study of BIMAROU statues” Indian Journal of applied Research, may,2017. (Journal) of poor women who have to manage themselves into a group working for the betterment of their standard of life. The primary motive of SHGs is the inculcation of group savings and mutual sharing of loans and credits among its…show more content…
It provides self employment opportunities for poor women to move forward in their economic level. Though Women entrepreneurs in Self Help Groups are given opportunities like decision making, trade and manufacturing independence, their development and sustenance are too great extent depends on the business they decide to carry out. At present the SHGs are covered by training programmes like Mahaliar Thittam, District Rural Development Agencies, Banks, NGOs, other private training institution and consultancy agencies. In spite of financial aides extended by government and other nodal agencies, the SHGs still struggle to market and promote their products successfully in the market. Because the government bodies and other nodal agencies’ attentiveness are on one eye that is SHGs financial related only, they need another eye of support related to market their products. Hence it is necessary to study the Marketing opportunities and challenges of women entrepreneurs through self Help Groups. If they trained well to market their products in the dynamic market they can sustain as an entrepreneur with the help of Government and other nodal agencies they can make economic revolution in the world. Initially, women entrepreneurs, the origin of SHG, TNCDW in the structure and functioning of SHGs,

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