Social Isolation Case Study

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I have learned that the only way to control what is happening to me is to not let it beat me. I can’t use power tools anymore, so now I have an electric lawn mower. I have to sleep with my brace on, but the pain in my wrist doesn’t wake me up anymore, so I do it. I give my wrist a break when I am home by staying off of my computer. If I need something typed up, I ask one of my daughters to do it for me. This seems to help. (P9) Social Isolation. There was a strong feeling of being socially isolated at work by participants. Participants felt they were purposely being left out of department decisions and were psychologically bullied by their managers, co-workers, or both. Employees reported socially withdrawing from work when the psychological…show more content…
I was told my manager complained that I took too long in the bathroom in the morning and took too long making my lunch. Because everyone else worked more than 8 hours a day, I too was expected to do the same. Human Resources told me I would have to stay an extra 15 minutes a day to make up the time. I was asked to sign an agreement about this and I refused. I stayed the extra 15 minutes every day, but my wrist began to hurt more. Eventually I just stopped staying because I couldn’t take the pain anymore and the painkillers the doctor gave me were starting to tear my stomach up pretty bad. (P3) My manager doesn’t ask me what I was working on, rather, she asks my co-worker. She does this right in front of me and when I said something once, both my manager and co-worker ignored what I was saying and continued talking about my work right in front of me. I stopped speaking up in meetings after this and tried to go with the flow. (P9) The only time my manager speaks to me is through e-mail, unless another manager is around in a public area, then she will say good morning to me. If she sees me in the hallway, she quickly turns her eyes away from me.

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