Self Help Group Analysis

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Rajaram Dasupta,(2001), Free and fair discussion removes the element of subjectivity fromthe decisionmaking process, makes the borrower understand the value of the credit and the importance of payment and accountability to the Self Help Group. Self Help Groups improve the opportunity for investment by the poor simultaneously, the poor will improve their savings potential credit-handling capacity and access to financial institutions inculcate entrepreneurial skill development and urge for investment and also increase the risk taking attitude through Self Help Groups only. The Self Help Groups can be considered as one of the best means to counter social and financial exclusion and enhance economic, political and social citizenship not an end…show more content…
They attributed this, to the skills they had acquired after joining the group. Many also said that, they had learnt the appropriate language for dealing with officials, i.e., using the plural instead of the singular when addressing another person, using „mainstream‟ language rather than the local dialect when talking to outsiders, etc. These skills may be attributed to an increased exposure to participation in formalsettings, and exposure to interacting with visitors and Government officials through the group Azizah.K.(1997),analyzedthe changing roles of women in Malaysia from dependents on agrire to non –agriral sources inderiving the major part of household income over the last 20 years. He foundthat the social implications of such economic changes through the introduction of such basic amenities and social services on women were significant but negatively affected the relative importance ofwomen. Osman ,(2000),in his article remarked that micro-finance…show more content…
The analysis alsoreveals that being member in Self Help Groups and more importantly having leadership experience in Self Help Groups greatly influence the bank account holding. Leadership experience in Self Help Groups would also improve an individual banking habits. Karl,(1995),feels that, Empowerment is word widely used, but seldom defined. Long before the word became popular, women were speaking about gaining control over their lives, and participating in the decisions that affect them in the home and community, in Government and international development Government and international development policies. The word 'empowerment' captures this sense of gaining control, sense of participating and sense of decision making. More recently, the word has entered the vocabulary of development agencies, including international organizations and the United Nations. According to Pillai (1995), "Empowerment" is an active,

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