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A study of Challenges and Problems before Women Entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir 1Muneer Ahmad Khan1, Dr. Nisar Ahmad Wani2 1Research Scholar, School of Studies in Commerce, Viram University, Ujjain, MP 2 Head department of Economics, Govt. Degree College Shopian J&K Email: muneerahmad1983.mak@gmail.com ABSTRACT: Women in present day world play a numerous economic roles in our society. Women today are potential customers, bankers, teachers, inventors, the prospective farmers, scientists, etc. Entrepreneurship development provides them the economically most powerful, dominant and influential empowering avenue to the women of our society, to the community and the country at a whole. But still it is estimated that only around 9.34 million…show more content…
These women business enterprises were traditionally women oriented like garments, beauty care, and fashion designing which either do not require any formalized training or are developed from a hobby or an interest into business. OBJECTIVES: The research paper work aims at achieving the following objectives: 1. To study and understand the women entrepreneurship in Jammu and Kashmir, 2. To study and understand various problems and challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir, and 3. To suggest the suggestions to overcome such problems and challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: This research paper is a review work and is purely based on secondary date. The data will be collected from various secondary data sources of published and unpublished research papers, journals, books, magazines, newspaper’s, research articles, etc. WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN JAMMU AND…show more content…
This is the behavior notion of entrepreneurship. The Indian employment market is uncertain and the number of unemployed population is ever increasing. The unemployment is among the major problems faced by the majority of the countries and India is no exception to that, so is the case with industrially backward state Jammu and Kashmir. in this context both the state and central Government are working on to develop entrepreneurship as a resource to cope up with the problem of unemployment. Entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated from the early age, but time has changed the situation and brought women as today’s most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. Women became involved in the business world only when the idea of women in business became palatable to the general public. As per the World Bank, investing more in women enterprises rather than in men reduces inequalities and poverty and thereafter ensures the economic development of a nation. The variety of programmes to uplift the women entrepreneurs were undertaken by the government in recent past. Government of India has defined women entrepreneur is “an enterprise owned and controlled by a women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated in the enterprise to

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