Wildlife Conservation

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The decline in biodiversity among large vertebrates, throughout the world and the degradation of natural habitats hosting their populations are clear indication of a global catastrophe which needs conservation intervention. It is important to understand how animal populations respond to modern threats and to document the functioning of ecosystems and intra-community interactions (Barrows et al., 2005) as to be able to implement appropriate management and conservation strategies by stakeholders and the relevant authorities. Consistent research must be done to aid with the data on animal population density and on the degree of interspecies interactions which is crucial in assessing the spatio-temporal variations in populations and communities…show more content…
These communities rely mostly of crop production and animal husbandry for subsistence. Livestock in these areas are in danger from the meat eater located in the Wildlife Management Areas, and grazing areas in these areas has positioned cattle in direct competition with wildlife especially the Herbivores, overstocking, poor range management and illegal occupation of protected land have resulted in Human wildlife Conflict in these areas. (Moyo et al. 1993; Williamson 1994). Livestock such as Donkeys, Goats, Cattle, and Sheep are relatively easy to kill and can be used as a food source if natural prey is depleted or at a low level during the dry season, hence carnivores will use the livestock as a substitute for their diet, normally the shift in diet transpire during the migratory seasons, when wildlife migrate from dry land into the wetlands along the Boteti River. The migration also call into place poaching activities and Illegal hunting by some communities is which also a threat to the wildlife population surrounding the Wildlife Management Areas. (Penry 1994). This study aims at estimating population dynamics (the number, gender, age and relatedness of individuals in a population) and viability (reproductive ability, adaptability) in these study areas which is essential in understanding the degree of security or threat facing a species and the likelihood of Human Wildlife Conflict brought by predation by carnivores such as Lion(Panthera leo),Leopard (Panthera pardus), Spotted Hyena(Crocuta crocuta), Wild dogs(Lycaon pictus) and crop raiding by herbivores such Elephants(Loxodanta Africana) and Great Kudu(Tragelaphus strepsiceros ) in particular(Gusset M et
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