Short Essay On Wildlife Conservation

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In India, several Bills and Action Plans have been passed by the Parliament for the conservation of biodiversity. In India, commendable efforts have been made for in-situ conservation of biodiversity. Under Protected Area network, now we have 13 Biosphere Reserves set up in different biogeography regions of the country, besides 485 wildlife Sanctuaries and 87 National Parks. Some special projects were also started for providing protection to wildlife in their natural habitats. The Project Tiger was started with the financial assistance of WWF in 1973 with 9 Tiger Reserves. Now we have 27 tiger reserves covering a total area of 37,761 km2. Besides preserving the tiger and its varied habitats, the wild fauna and flora of these habitats have also benefited from the project. Other wild animals which have been protected and rehabilitated through such projects are the Asiatic…show more content…
The arogyamitra tends to both, the garden and the nursery. Residents in the PHC area can request for saplings from the nursery, which are provided free of cost. This promotes home gardens thus strengthening the traditional medicinal system within families; also strengthening the communities’ self-reliance in health care. Finally, to ensure that this system is sustained through the communities and the local governance structures, a knowledge register of the traditional medicines in the area is maintained at the Panchayat (local government administration). Even as communities within the 22 PHC areas have begun accepting traditional medicines more enthusiastically, partners such as FRLHT are also working with the State Governments and Forest Departments in the conservation of medicinal plants. Their efforts are promoting the further revitalization of India’s traditional medicinal heritage. These initiatives, in the long-term, will improve the health care

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