Importance Of Hegemony

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Hegemony of the English Language in India When Rita Kothari mentioned the certain culture gap in her experience with the things she saw in her day to day life and the things mentioned in her academia, I remembered the raging debate I had when I was little – should I call my mom ‘Amma’ or ‘Mummy’? should I enjoy an ‘aam’ or a ‘mango’? I still vividly remember the day, clutching my dad’s hand, sitting in front of my future school principal reciting ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ even though I had heard my mom sing ‘chinna chinna aasai’ at home; count numbers as ‘one..two…’ even though in all of my few transactions with my colony friends, I had used ‘…’. Why was English being forced down my neck even though no one in my surroundings used it? The rise of the English language in India has been nothing short of incredible. Frantz Fanon had said – “The colonized is elevated above his jungle status in…show more content…
In a society that is centered on the English language, the inability to converse fluently is like a crutch to his confidence. From his viewpoint, no matter how good his thinking his, no matter how innovative his ideas are, he has to either use a translator or use sign language to put his point across. She/he has a more objective way of the way in which the society works. The dominant group, here, being the English speaking population don’t understand how easy it is to navigate the web, how easy to get a Visa and other such tasks. To conclude, the English hegemony is rising in India and this is one of the most important reasons for the extinction of many native Indian languages. In addition, it also has a hand in the hybridization of different Indian languages giving birth to Hinglish, Tanglish etc. Even though it is the official alternative language in India, it is the de-facto official language of

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