Importance Of Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Nepal, although small in area, as a result of varied geographical conditions is blessed with very diverse flora and fauna. Today, forests occupy 39% of the land area of Nepal, but deforestation is rampant. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that Nepal lost about 2640 sq km of forest cover between 2000 and 2005. In this bleak scenario, the protection of forests and their biodiversity is a great challenge to Nepal. Hence the Nepalese Army (NA) was called upon to meet this challenge in 1975 with a mission to protect endangered species, plants and the natural heritage. Since then the Nepalese Army has been responsible for the protection of 12 out of the 22 protected forests. 12 Battalions and Independent Companies with some 6,778 troops protect forest areas measuring some 9,767 sq km. Retrieved August 21, 2012 from "" Many researches may have been done in past in this topic but they do not reflect recent data and present challenges of fast changing world of today. In my paper I will study new data and…show more content…
Its been more than three decades that Nepalese Army has been working in coordination with National Park Staff for conservation works. During the time of insurgency in Nepal, national park had a great loss due to absence of Nepalese Army Security post. Therefore, Nepal Government realized the importance of NA and has again deployed the staffs in previous locations. Due to NA excessive patrolling and dedication towards conservation, there has been great improvement in numbers of animals. Nepalese Army can further increase the efficiency of their operations if provided with equipment and trainings such as UAV devices, job orientation and training, well equipped infrastructures, deployment of right person at right post

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