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in groups. Attempts have been initiated by the Govt. to conserve them as well. Plantation of grass for their food have been taken up, as a result of these conservation measures their number has increased somewhat slowly. Tigers, leopards, wild boars, bears, snake like python are present in Tripura. Every year migratory birds like Syberian cranes come from distant lands visit Tripura in search of warmth & food. Many of the species may be seen in Sepahijala, Rudrasagar & in the lake of college tilla at Agartala during December-January. The people of Tripura are taking an active role in conserving the states wildlife. 1.1 Statement of the problem:- 1.2 Objective of the study:- The aim and objective of this study are as follows:- 1. To highlight the offence relating to wild life. 2. To know why to conserve wild life. 3. To find out the main root cause which are responsible for the extinction of species. 4. To know the function of International convention, declaration & rules relating to wildlife conservation & protection. 5. To establish factors in identifying the wildlife cases. 6. To know the prospects & challenges of wildlife sanctuary. 7. To suggest measures & policy to…show more content…
reports, and websites. An extensive study of the topic has been made from various websites. The present study deals with the “conservation of wildlife in Tripura with special reference to Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary”. Doctrinal study on the conservation of wildlife, implementation of the Act has been done. Studies of Constitutional provision, Wildlife protection rules of Tripura, International convention on Wildlife, Universal declaration on Animal Rights & the decisions of Supreme Court & High Court has been used as a source of information to facilitate this

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