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JB Priestley presents the theme of responsibility in “An Inspector Calls” in several ways. In this essay I will talk about how JB Priestley presents the theme of responsibility and how each character feels about them being responsible for Eva’s death, I will provide pure evidence to prove my point using quotes directly from the book. I will also talk about Mr. Birling speech and Inspector Goole’s speech and I will analyze them and give my opinion about the speeches. At the beginning of the play Mr. Birling was acting and speaking as if he knew everything and he didn’t do any mistakes or basically he is acting really wisely. However, the second the inspector showed up in the play and started accusing everyone in the house for being responsible…show more content…
The reason for this is because Sheila wrongfully used her power of being a superior customer to her advantage to fire Eva from her job. She admits that it’s her problem in text by saying “It was my own fault”, and that she was very jealous from Eva we can address that because she started describing her as a ‘very pretty girl too with big dark eyes’. She also says that she was in a very ‘furious temper’. Although her actions show her to be very bad tempered, jealous and vengeful person but she isn’t as bad as you think even though she has bad characteristics because she shows herself to be honestly admitting the truth to the inspector and example of this is when she said that she caught sight of her smiling at the assistant and ‘I was furious with her’. That is how Sheila is associated with Eva’s death. Gerald was the third individual to go under the spotlight. Gerald must of felt contrastingly towards Eva than Mr. Birling or Sheila in light of the fact that he knew her face to face, not as Eva Smith but rather as Daisy Renton, who was his special lady, for some time until the point that it was never again advantageous for him. I believe that Gerald viewed himself as Eva's rescuer. He says that she 'gave me a glance that was nothing more than a cry for help’ trust that he did truly administer to Eva yet he didn't love her as he conceded that. 'I didn't feel about her as…show more content…
The following individual that the Inspector examines is Mrs. Birling. Sometime recently Mrs. Birling the Inspector had been conversing with every individual arranged by when they met Eva. Nevertheless, Mrs. Birling was in truth the last individual to have seen Eva and was the one that had given Eva the last push by denying her any assistance from the general public that she helped run. The reason for this because Eva used the name Birling which made Mrs. Birling cast judgment over

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