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Protection of Wild Animals: Problems and Prospects Chapter-I: Introduction Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Greatness of Nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” India is fascinating country. Not only it is home to the largest number of languages, religions and cultures, it also supports some of the richest biodiversity areas in the world. The reason might be due to the tolerance Indians show for other life forms. It is evident in the way animals, domestic or wild, are positively incorporated into their culture, religion and life. But all is not well in the animal kingdom in India. The population of various wild animals is declining day by day. A number of species have become extinct and many species are on the verge of extinction.…show more content…
On the issue of protection of wild animals, the question has been raised at various platforms that we still have no sufficient food and shelter of human beings, then how can we think about the wild animals? But this is a greedy and escapist approach of human beings and there are a lot of reasons for protection of wild animals. It is not out of place to discuss some of the reason regarding wild animals’ protection. (1) For restoring the beauty of nature Wild animals include a diversity of species that contributes in a special way to the beauty of nature. Such beauty enriches life and increases the enjoyment of camping and outdoor recreation. Wildlife expert Norman Myers has said, “We can marvel at the colours of a butterfly the grace of giraffe, the power of an elephant, the delicate structure of a dia-tom. Every time a species goes extinct, we are irreversibly impoverished”. (2) For Scientific Value The presence of various species provides an opportunity to scientists and researchers to study and get valuable knowledge about the life processes. From wild animals we reap countless benefits: fish from the sea, medicines and other products from wild animals, something for bird-watchers to peek at and to research on animals that help provide valuable insights into human physiology and

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