Baudrillard Theory Of Virtual Sex

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3.3. Virtual Reality It comes as no shock that the porn industry is including new immersive technologies. Referring back to Jean Baudrillard theory where he considers to have been the innovator of the notion of hyperreality and its amalgamation. In a mass media society where the individuals are unable to differentiate between reality and imagination as seen in a technologically advanced society, the development of technology caused the growth of simulation. Virtual reality sex became the constituent of simulating real sex which represents most of all the rapid increase of the signs, all these signs are simulated in a virtual space. Virtual reality therefore simulates both real and fantasy environments. Hyperreality holds the implosive characteristic…show more content…
The commodification of virtual sex deserves further study. In Baudrillards theory on seduction he revel in possibility of the object taxing its subject making use of confidentiality and artifice. The real word feels moderately different to the virtual world. In real life things smell, we can touch things, hear things, but looking at a cybernetic world it looks and feels more real. Baudrillard has claimed that our world are mutual simulacra meaning both equivalent hyperreal. Both worlds can be delineate as more real than the actual real. Some people will argue and say that living inside a virtual world best reflects their true selfs and that they feel comfortable in the virtual space. In modern cyberculture, (virtual reality), restrain the reality of recently discovered experiences in our society with the extend of the technology environment. Cyberculture is strenuous to dine because it is intricate. In the cyberculture technolohies and media forms are connected and thus it creates the electronic environment. Our bodies have been overrun by technology and what we are is what we always have been. ( Nemura 2014:…show more content…
Who we are exists because of our bodies being invaded by technology. Sexually explicit products and materials have been socially validate in modern society. Sexual materials like pornography and erotica have been present in the consumer world, mass media and the internet. Unconsciously we are consuming sexually unrestrained signs. Perhaps sex has always been virtual. From the viewpoint of Foucault the topic of sex till today remains a taboo. Why are we drawn to virtual reality sex, if we can't openly face our sexuality. Virtual Reality is just going to be another platform or device where anyone can explore their sexuality. Based on the theories of Foucault and Baudrillard no singular conclusion can be reach due to the complexity of sexuality and our modern society. Only a multitude of conclusions can be formed based on the complex variousness of whether sex has forever been a virtual

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