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Have you ever dreamed of going to a beautiful island where you can look into the water when your shoulder deep and be able to see your feet? If so, I have the best place for you to take a vacation to, The Bahamas. The Bahamas is a very colorful place with many different islands. There are a total of 700 islands in the Bahamas but only 30 are inhabited. In this paper, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the Bahamas. You will learn about some general information that has to due with the people and the place itself, the geography of the Bahamas, the way the people live, and some of the foods and beverages they have. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. Majority of the people here speak English but occasionally you will come across a person…show more content…
Police and Court staff wear white jackets with white pith helmets. Doctors wear all white clothing and Dental Assistants and Veterinarian staff wears scrubs. For business meetings, funerals, and church, the gentlemen wear suits and the ladies wear formal attire. The locals of the Bahamas usually wear flip-flops, cut-off jean shorts, and a t-shirt. The people that visit the Bahamas usually wear brand-name tennis shoes, polo shirts, and cargo pants. When at the beach, you will usually see the men in a speedo or surf baggies. You can usually catch the ladies wearing tiny-brazilian bikinis or a demure two piece or one piece. The main sports in the Bahamas is basketball, cricket, bowling, football which is also known as soccer, gymnastics, golfing racing rugby, softball, squash, track and field, tennis, or volleyball. The sports there are similar to the United States but some of the sports are played differently than how we would play them. The most different one would be football. Football is known as soccer there. Here, we know football as a game that guys play in pads with a brown, oval shaped ball. In the Bahamas, they know it as a game that is played with a white, circular

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