Zoology And Religion In Pi's Life Of Pi

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"I know about freedom plague them both” trough this quote the reader can notice that there are aspects related between zoology and religion in Life of Pi. In the beginning of the novel we are introduced to zoology and religion where the author make it quite clear to the reader that Pi had majors in both subjects zoology and religion and used that to help him do things one can say is impossible. “Zoology is defined as the scientific study of animals” according to the YourDictionary. Zoology has always been a very big factor throughout Pi’s childhood as he grew up with a father who ran a zoo in India. Pi was awarded for being the best student in zoology and because of his excellence and the knowledge he had about Zoology he was able to help…show more content…
It is as if fate took over and that they were destined to be on the lifeboat alone later on. Despite of the believes Pi had about wild animals, he still feared the tiger. In Chapter 43-44 Pi’s had conflict within himself because of his self-preservation and the feelings he had towards animals. Yan n Martel used the loving memories Pi had about Orange Juice to explain how Pi was able to accept the circumstances he founded himself . The fear of being alone and being eaten by Richard Parker the tiger was Pi’s main motivation to tame the tiger and survive, without doing harm to the tiger itself and to rather be the provider of food and water for him and the tiger to survive. Pi classified himself as the alpha male with clear cut edges. He made use of whistle because he knew that it will scare the tiger and he also used several intimidation tactics to make these edges work out successfully. Yann Martel use these actions of Pi which were mainly caused through his believes and perception he had about zoos to explain in clear fine detail how Pi survived on a lifeboat with a starving…show more content…
His first religion was Hinduism, him because of the natural, pure love and beauty. At the age of fourteen he fell in love Christ. Mr. Kumar, the second, told him that the Muslim religion was a religion of love. That was the three religions Pi had followed his beliefs about religion was to follow more than one, in order to get a close bond with God and being saved. He followed three religions for the rest of his life. The reader can see throughout Pi’s life journey that he had a lot of faith. Yann Martel used the image of Pi on the lifeboat to illustrate Pi’s faith because while he was stuck on a lifeboat with a tiger he always made time to pray to God. He believed that God will save him. “Religion will save us” Yann Martel used it several times to emphasize how Pi used it in every situation he faced and also to give a clear understanding about why Pi never gave up or lose

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