Why Students Influence College Students

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Besides that, according to (Leclerc, 2013) the high cost of living too became the sources of this issues. For sure, as they entered university, their need increase. At first, they just need books, stationaries and other study tool. But later, they will need gadgets such as laptop, desktop or printer to cope with their assignments. Plus, they live off campus. So, they had to pay for house’s rent, bills, transportation and other accommodation which is necessary. They may get some loans to cover all these basic expenses. But to include all utilities and to pay for tuition, this is impossible unless they skip some meals and forget joy. Living as students was really tough to begin with but discipline can manipulate it. Students should realize the burden carried by their parents to support their studies. Behave, be…show more content…
Pinto et al (2009) found that one of the most important factors regarding college students and their financial habits were their socialization agents - significant people, groups and institutions that shape our sense of self and social identity. Parents, peers, mass media and schools are all socialization agents that influence the psychological, emotional and behavioral development of college students. This statement shows that parental guided is really important in nurturing future leader who is brilliant on managing their own money. Thus, all parents should take actions now on training their children in financial wisely because it is one of the most effective way to prevent them from having financial problems when they are in university campus because according to Juwairiyah Hassan (2013), Elbert Einstein said that 70% of behavior of children is nurtured by surrounding which is that means parents role is really give a big impact on their children. As a result, this may reduce the number of students or undergraduate students from early

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