Consumer Durables Case Study

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Consumer durables are any type of goods that are purchased for consumption and that is manufactured for long-term use.They can be further classified as either white goods,such as refrigerators,washing machines and air conditioners or brown goods such as blenders,cooking ranges and microwaves or consumer electronics such as televisions and DVD players.Air conditioners particularly split ACs have contributed more for the growth of white goods in India.The washing machine segment is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic machines.There is a growth of 44.5% for fully automatic washing machines and 18% growth for semi automatic washing machines. Entry of MNCs have brought in sophisticated models with the help of up gradation in technology.…show more content…
Elasser(2004 )says that consumer taste differs constantly.The final purchasing decision will differ between decision styles and the profiles which cannot be directly applied to unique purchase situations where in the level of involment of the consumer varies.The findings of Sonnenberg and Erasmus(2005) brings the personal factors like self-image,lifestyle and subcultures shape the consumers beliefs and influence the purchase attitude.Consumer durables like washing machines,refrigeratosr,airconditioners,televisions,mixers,music systems, vaccumcleanesr and waterpurifiers in Chennai are taken for…show more content…
Organized consumer durable outlets in cities have large investment and all brands are available at one place. Special financial schemes are more preferred by consumers. 5. Most of the consumers prefer to buy consumer durables when promotional schemes and festive discounts are offered. 6. Durability is preferred while purchasing Refrigerator and technology is preferred while purchasing mobiles,laptops and cameras. 7. Consumers perceive services are important for durables like microwave oven and air conditioners.Consumers change their mobiles every once in a year.Refrigerators are changed in 5-10 years. 8. Consumers like to shop in organized retail shops with after sales services and financial services and schemes. Top Leading Consumer Durable brands Whirlpool Whirlpool is an American consumer durables manufacturer founded in Michigan,U.S.A in the year 1911.In India it started its operation in the year 1987 and today it has grown to become one of the leading consumer durable manufacturer.It not only manufactures but also markets and sells a huge range of consumer durables like washing machines,refrigerators,ACs,microwave ovens and water purifiers.Whirpools total sales in the second quarter of 2015 were $5.2 billion.When compared to the same previous year period the net sales were $4.7 billion,thus there has been an increase of 11 percent in the net

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