High School Leavers

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Life is full of challenges. There is nothing easy in this world and everybody needs to work hard to acquire anything they want. Lately, some student realizes that they are struggling academically in higher education institutions. Graduated with flying colour result during the high school occasionally did not guarantee you to become the best in the college or university. Most of them think that college and university life is much easier than school. Alas, everything was the contrary as they have to tussle at almost every moment. The question is, what are the causes of this things to happen? The only way to get rid of this problem is by knowing the origin of the problem itself. Different learning style, mentally distress and friend’s influence are the reason why a high school student having a hard time to adapt themselves in the college very well. First and foremost, the dissimilar way of learning is one of the reasons why high school leavers difficult to adapt themselves in college and university very well. In high school, the students are frequently spoon fed by the teachers. This bring masses of negative impact toward the student as they eventually become indolent. They do not need to toil since most of the education stuff like notes,…show more content…
The tough subject like Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physic, that come together with strong competition sometimes makes the student feel demotivated; some of them unable to be the best just like who they were during their high school time. Apart from that, the grading score in a college and university is undoubtedly different with high school. For instance, in high school, a 50% mark is already enough for you to pass but in college and university, you will need at least 65% marks to pass. Thus, student needs to study harder than their old version to coop with this new study

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