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Lumbar (low back) herniated disk Overview: When you have a pain that starts from the back fin toward the bottom of the leg, the activities of daily life become difficult or even intolerable. A common cause of back pain is the lumbar (low back) herniated disc, also called herniated discs. A herniated disc generally improves with conservative treatment and it is not always necessary to resort to surgery for a herniated disc. Causes: Your spine consists of bones (vertebrae) coated by small oval pads of cartilage, or discs, formed by a hard layer outer (ring) and a soft layer inside (core). These disks act as springs, while absorbing shocks and allowing the movements of flexion of the spine. They assist your back muscles helping to protect the spine from the stress of daily tasks and…show more content…
With aging your intervertebral discs lose some of their water content, making them less flexible and more prone to tearing or breaking even by any stretch or twist less. Symptoms: You can have a herniated disc unknowingly, herniated discs or swollen sometimes show themselves in the spinal radiological images of people who have no symptoms of disk problems. Some slipped discs can instead be the most painful, the most common signs and symptoms of a herniated disc are: 1. Sciatica : pain radiating, pungent, sometimes with tingling and numbness that starts in the buttock and extends along the back or the side of his leg. 2. Pain, numbness or weakness in the lower back and leg, or in your neck, shoulders, chest and arm. 3. Back pain or leg pain that worsens when sitting, coughing or sneezing. Diagnosis: To determine if you have a herniated disc your doctor will review your medical history and will carry out a physical examination, including the following tests: 1. Test bending thigh straight leg. You lie flat and your doctor symptomatic leg

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