Joel Stein The New Greatest Generation Analysis

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A Millennial, by definition, is a person born in the 1980s or 1990s (“Millennial”). In his article “The New Greatest Generation,” TIME journalist Joel Stein discusses the myths on Millennials and the truth of their generation; as well as compare himself to Millennials to prove that they are the generation that could do great things. Stein argues his point that Millennials will be the generation to cash in on the technology that has come to light in the last twenty years. Through his use of conversational tone, personal testimonies and organization Stein is able to portray his point, that Millennials are not what they appear to be. Stein's conversational tone allows his reader to feel at ease throughout his article. He achieves this through…show more content…
He plays on the Baby Boomer’s hatred toward Millennials and the "narcissism" of Millennials to draw in both crowds and hold their attention. Joel stein's use of testimonial statements plays on his readers’ emotions, causing his reader to become drawn into his work, only stopping once they have reached the end. This is an effective technique because it draws in Baby Boomers, his intended audience, and has readers cling to his words. Using not only his own personal testimonies but also the testimonies of others, Stein creates an argument that is backed by not only his thoughts, but in the thoughts of others. In Stein’s article, he quotes…show more content…
At the beginning of his article, Stein begins to discuss the negatives of Millennials and all the myths following them. Stein organizes his facts that makes Millennials appear to be narcissistic and childish, mentioning that “Millennials got so many participation trophies growing up that a recent study showed that 40% believe they should be promoted every two years, regardless of performance” (Stein 28). Through this he has Baby Boomers hooked that he is on their side of this argument, but Stein is using these facts to draw in his audience into his article so that he can make his real point. He manages to make this point not only to the Baby Boomers but also to Millennials. Stein's organization is unique, but it allows him to create an effective

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