Synthesis Essay On College Drinking

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Critical Preface: The problem of college drinking has perplexed people for a long time in the United States. Nearly all the students have experienced the behavior of drinking on campus whether they drink or not. Especially excessive drinking causes the negative a lot of behaviors and has resulted a lot of disturbing troubles on campus. However, a lot of students still persist in drinking in the college with some positive reasons of this behavior. Therefore, college drinking becomes a controversial issue. I am interested in this topic and trying to make sure whether college drinking is benefiting students or negative for students because I have also experienced drinking on campus in my life. The period that I conducted this research was more…show more content…
He further demonstrates that the restriction of drinking on campus doesn’t actually deal with the problem of college drinking, which just transfers the troubles into off-campus. In the next, the author mentions that it is more controllable for students who drink on campus with its supervise system and guidelines rather than indulging students to drink off campus and create the same issue that threats students’ life. To conclude, only preventing students to drink on campus cannot help the issue of college drinking and it doesn’t…show more content…
She further explains that binge drinkers can always be identified as “cool” guys so that those who are in low-status groups will try to fit in the higher status groups and get more happiness even they don’t enjoy the feeling from excessive drinking. But she also claims that the binge drinkers are just the minority of total college students, which cannot be justified that only binge drinkers can have the highest social status. She then points out that the social advantage from binge drinking cannot match the health lose. Finally, the author suggests that college drinking cannot be superficially forbidden by the limitation solutions, and it needs more study to deal with this

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