Adderall Research Paper

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"It helps me stay focused and be more efficient…” is the typical excuse most college students give when asked why they need the famous drug known as Adderall. This mixed salt amphetamine Adderall, commonly prescribed as a treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the most commonly abused prescription stimulant among college students (Eysenbach, 2012). There are reports that show this drug being mostly abused in medical and dental schools. The high expectations and the competition there are to succeed in college, only leads to students turning to prescription to help them concentrate and allow them to be alert more than the usual. A contributing factor to why students agree to consume the ADHD drug is because of the attention difficulties they might have and the belief that this drug can help them succeed better academically.…show more content…
Twenty-six percent of all Internet users are between the ages 18-29 and 31% of all Internet users between the ages of 18-24 are twitter users (Eysenbach, 2012). Twitter is mainly used to express ones feelings, to brag or just to tweet about anything that has happened that same day. This study used twitter to see how many students would use the word “Adderall” in their tweets. Based on the GPS location, tweets that were not coming from the United States was being excluded. Due to the fact that there was to many college campus within a close geographic proximity, rather than try to determine which of the two nearby colleges should be used, the colleges were instead grouped into a cluster and treated as single entity (Eysenbach, 2012). These clusters were determined using hierarchical agglomerative clustering (HAC) with a distance of 150

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