Sexual Assault On College Campus Essay

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Many people view college as an exciting journey and the next step of their life, but for one in every five people (Gonzales, Alberto et al.), their lives could be affected by sexual assault in a five year stay. Sexual assault is prominent on college campuses and unfortunately, the majority of these crimes are unreported. With the use of alcohol, college campuses have a harder time with sexual assault cases since one or both parties are unaware of what is actually happening. Since many schools have acknowledged this problem, there have been many new efforts to create a safer environment for their students. There needs to be a change in sexual assault and the unpunished assaulters because the world we are currently living in is not safe enough…show more content…
One reason why is the usage of alcohol on college campuses. In the majority of assaults, one or both parties are drunk, and between fifty and seventy percent of reported assaults among students involve heavy drinking. Alcohol impairs your ability to think properly, which is why sexual assault often happens under the influence of alcohol (Grigoriadis, Vanessa). Another reason is college hookup culture. In the culture of sex that dominates college campuses today, status is what sex is all about. By hooking up with people of a higher social status, for example, an athlete, as the students in "American Hookup" by Lisa Wade reveal, it's expected in hookup culture that students will get people drunk with the aim of having sex with them (Wade, Lisa). Finally, sexual assault is prevalent on college campuses because of lack of bystander approach training. According to various studies, one of the most effective ways of preventing sexual assault is the bystander approach, in which people are trained how to handle a situation in which they witness some form of sexual assault or harassment taking place (Seelinger, Lani). Teaching students how to be aware of others and what kind of situation they might be in could drastically help to lower college assault

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