Binge Drinking Among College Students

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It is in your Hands Binge drinking has become a progressing and persistent problem in our society. Alcohol, which is a depressant, has the ability to alter our cognition, emotions, vision, memory, speech, and heart rate. When people consume excessive amounts of alcohol, “violence, injury, addiction, sexual abuse, physical diseases and even death” can be a result (Wrye and Pruitt 74 ). So, why do college students continue to drink despite harmful consequences? College students drink for a few reasons including “social motives, conformity motives, coping motives and enhancement” (Wrye and Pruitt 74). From fraternity parties to in-dorm drinking, students abuse alcohol and drink excessively. This decreases academic performance, threatens personal morals, and leads to injuries and sexual abuse.…show more content…
After a fun-filled weekend, students are either exhausted or recovering from a hangover. Often, students come to class hungover which affects their concentration, absorption of information and cognition. According to “Perceptions of Binge Drinking as Problematic among College Students” by Wrye and Pruitt,“nearly 25% of college students reported missed classes, incomplete assignments and poor grades caused by their drinking behaviors, and 33% of students lost at least three to five hours of productive time due to recovering from drinking” (72). Due to the effects of alcohol, students are losing valuable time to complete assignments and pay attention to important details and concepts in class. What is the purpose of college? Is it not to get an education in hope for a successful

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